Are Rabbits Rodents?

Are Rabbits Rodents?


The classification of rabbits has long been a topic of confusion. Many people wonder if rabbits fall under the category of rodents. In this blog post, we will explore the scientific classification of rabbits and clarify the misconception surrounding their relation to rodents.

Understanding Scientific Classification

Historical Misconception

In the past, rabbits were mistakenly classified as rodents. This misclassification was due to shared characteristics, such as continuously growing incisors. However, advancements in taxonomy have provided a more accurate understanding.

Lagomorphs: Rabbit's True Identity

Modern scientific classification places rabbits in the order Lagomorpha, distinguishing them from rodents. Lagomorphs include rabbits, hares, and pikas, sharing common features but differing significantly from rodents.

Differentiating Characteristics

Dental Structure

While rodents possess a single pair of continuously growing incisors, lagomorphs, including rabbits, have two pairs – one directly behind the other. This dental distinction is a crucial factor in their classification.  Rabbits' teeth never stop growing so they also need plenty of things to chew on.

Skeletal Features

Lagomorphs exhibit distinct skeletal features, further separating them from rodents. These differences include skull structure and bone arrangement.


In conclusion, rabbits are not rodents; they belong to the order Lagomorpha. The historical misconception of classifying them as rodents has been rectified through advancements in scientific understanding. Recognizing the differences in dental and skeletal features is essential to dispelling this common myth.


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