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All Natural Timothy Hay Toys

All Natural Timothy Hay Toys

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Timothy Hay Rabbit Toys: 

Introducing Bunns and Stuff Timothy Hay Rabbit Toys, the perfect addition to your furry friend's playtime! Crafted from premium Timothy hay, these adorable toys are designed to keep your pet bunny entertained and mentally stimulated.

Enrichment for Your Bunny's Playtime

  1. Four Adorable Styles: Choose from four charming styles to suit your bunny's preferences and keep them engaged during playtime.

  2. Safe and Natural Material: Made from high-quality Timothy hay, our rabbit toys are safe for nibbling and provide a natural chewing experience that promotes dental health.

  3. Mental Stimulation: Combat boredom and encourage activity with our Timothy hay rabbit toys, designed to keep your bunny mentally engaged and active.

  4. Dental Health: The natural chewing action of our toys helps promote healthy teeth and gums in pet bunnies, ensuring optimal dental health.

Try our Timothy Hay Rabbit Toys today and provide your pet bunny with hours of fun and enrichment!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alyssa Haschenburger
Bun approved!

Dude is a champ takes everything down so quickly. I got a large box because I had two rabbits but I lost one and pretty sure he can still enjoy it all. Can’t beat the shipping I’m definitely a fan!

Hay toys

He started eating it right away-yay, he likes it!

Cynthia Ferrara
Timothy Hay Toys

This four pack of Timothy Hay Toys exceeded my expectations! They are large size and I'm sure my little @love.buns will enjoy them as a Christmas gift from Santa Paws.