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Rabbit foraging mat

Rabbit foraging mat

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Rabbit Snuffle Mat: The New Toy for Your Bunny!

Introducing the Bunns and Stuff Rabbit Snuffle Mat – the ultimate toy for your pet bunny's enrichment! Bunnies are naturally curious creatures, always ready to explore their surroundings. This innovative foraging mat for rabbits is designed to captivate your bunny's attention and stimulate their intellect for hours on end.

Interactive Entertainment:

Keep your pet bunny entertained for hours with our Rabbit Snuffle Mat. Hide tasty treats within the mat's intricate design and watch as your bunny enthusiastically sniffs and forages to uncover their delicious rewards.

Enrichment and Exercise:

Encourage your bunny's natural foraging instincts and mental agility with this engaging toy. The Rabbit Snuffle Mat provides valuable mental stimulation and physical exercise, helping to keep your pet bunny happy and healthy.

Suitable for Small Pets:

Not just for bunnies! This versatile toy is perfect for a variety of small pets, including guinea pigs, hamsters, and more. Each furry friend can benefit from the interactive fun and enrichment provided by our Rabbit Snuffle Mat.

Quality Construction:

Crafted with durable materials, our Rabbit Snuffle Mat is built to withstand enthusiastic play and exploration. The mat's sturdy design ensures long-lasting enjoyment for you and your beloved pet bunny.

Easy to Use and Clean:

Simply scatter your bunny's favorite treats across the mat's surface and let the foraging fun begin! When playtime is over, the mat can be easily cleaned for repeated enjoyment.

Get the Bunns and Stuff Rabbit Snuffle Mat today and treat your bunny to hours of entertainment and enrichment!

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Customer Reviews

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Natalie Keifer
Keeps my bunny entertained

This was so well made. I put in some pellets and hay and it really keeps my bunny entertained!

Foraging Playmat

The original playmat that I received was very stiff and would not lay flat. It looked like a bowl (see picture with my little Snowbelle from @love.buns). I tried washing and drying it in hopes that would help....but it didn't. I reached out to Bunns and Stuff and the customer service was exemplary! They sent a new improved version, that is softer and lays perfectly flat! Now that's Customer Service! Give them a or your babies won't be disappointed! 😁♥️🐰