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Timothy Hay Flower Sticks - 18 Pack

Timothy Hay Flower Sticks - 18 Pack

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Timothy Hay Flower Sticks

Unleash your rabbit's inner florist with our Timothy Hay Flower Sticks! This 6-pack of rabbit chew toys provides hours of entertainment and promotes healthy chewing habits. Watch your furry friend hop with joy.

-Sticks are approx. 5in 

Timothy Hay Flower Sticks

A blend of wholesome timothy hay and bunny-safe flowers. 100% natural materials, these sticks feature the goodness of timothy hay combined with the allure of aromatic flowers, creating a delectable treat for your rabbit. Each stick is carefully crafted to promote dental health, providing a natural way for your bunny to trim their constantly growing molar teeth. Treat your beloved pet to the irresistible combination of premium timothy hay and delicate bunny-approved flowers with Sofier's floral-infused hay sticks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jessica Fielding

My bunnies are obsessed with the stacking cups and hay toys. 10/10, wiĺl re-order

Barbara McAnany
Bunnies Loved Timothy Hay Flower Sticks

My bunnies gave their approval by devouring the sticks in warp speed!!! Gave them something to file their teeth on too.

Terri Thompson
They Love These

My bunnies love these sticks but they don't last very long. I wish they were more affordable so I could buy in bulk.

Cynthia Ferrara
Flower Sticks

We received one of these in a Binky Box for Christmas. My little @Love.Buns devoured it, so I had to order more!!